RSAT - compare-matrices

Comparison between two collections of position-specific scoring matrices.

Conceptionc, implementationi and testingt: Jacques van Heldencit , Morgane Thomas-Cholliert , Denis Thieffryt and Carl Herrmannct

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Reference matrices (database or custom motif collection)

ArabidopsisPBM (A thaliana) (2015-11)
Athamap (A thaliana) (2015-11)
DBTBS (Bacillus Subtilis) (2015-11)
Drosophila DMMPMM (2010_11)
DrosophilaTFs (2015-11)
FlyFactorSurvey (Drosohpila DNA-binding specificities) (2016_06)
Hocomoco (Human TFs) (2015-11)
Hocomoco (Mouse TFs) (2015-11)
Homer (Human TF motifs) (2016-07)
Drosophila IDMMPMM (2010_11)
Jolma_2013 (Human TFs) (2015-11)
Jolma_2013 (Human TFs dimers) (2016-05)
Methyl_Selex_seq_human (Methyl_Selex_seq_human PSSMs) (2017-05)
Selex_seq_human (Selex_seq_human PSSMs) (2017-05)
Smile_seq_fly (Smile-seq PSSMs) (2017-01)
Smile_seq_human (Smile-seq PSSMs) (2017-01)
Smile_seq_mouse (Smile-seq PSSMs) (2017-01)
Yeastract s_cerevisiae (20130918)
cisBP c_elegans (2015-05_v1.02)
cisBP s_cerevisiae (2015-06_v1.02)
cisBP drosophila (2014-10_v0.9)
cisBP human (2014-10_v0.9)
cisBP mouse (2014-10_v0.9)
Cistrome (A thaliana motifs detected by DAP-seq) (2016-06)
Epigram (Histone marks related motifs) (2016-06)
footprintDB (2015-11)
footprintDB-plants [only plant DNA motifs] (2015-11)
hPDI (Human TFs identified by protein microarray assays) (2016-06)
JASPAR core nonredundant all (2016)
JASPAR core nonredundant fungi (2016)
JASPAR core nonredundant insects (2016)
JASPAR core nonredundant nematodes (2016)
JASPAR core nonredundant plants (2016)
JASPAR core nonredundant urochordates (2016)
JASPAR core nonredundant vertebrates (2016)
JASPAR core redundant all (2016)
JASPAR core redundant fungi (2016)
JASPAR core redundant insects (2016)
JASPAR core redundant nematodes (2016)
JASPAR core redundant plants (2016)
JASPAR core redundant urochordates (2016)
JASPAR core redundant vertebrates (2016)
RegulonDB prokaryotes (2015_08)
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